Faster Payments Are Coming, But Are They?

CFO Tech

CFO Outlook asked me to write a summary of the current state of Business Faster Payments in the US.

The article can be read here.


My interview with ThreatMetrix

I had the opportunity to be on ThreatMetrix‘s video podcast Digital Identity 360Frank Teruel and I explored “the opportunity to serve the underbanked globally and the potential to further incorporate AI into Fintech in the future.”









You can access it here.

Is The Banking Industry Experiencing a ‘Fintech Moment’?


I wrote a piece for The Financial Brand that examined the trend of comparing banking’s response to fintech to failures by Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders, and others in implementing technology.  I posit that the failure isn’t one of technology implementation but of lack of strategic thinking.

The Financial Brand described it thus:


There are many analogies between the competitive pressures facing the banking industry and the forces that killed Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders and taxis. These comparisons emphasize the importance of not being complacent, and why banking providers must innovate and respond to consumer expectations.

You can read the piece here.



Finovate Spring 2018

I was privileged to attend and participate at the Spring 2018 Finovate.  I was part of two panel discussions.  The first panel, “Payment Innovation – What do you need to know about emerging technologies,” covered a discussion on payments innovation including real-time payments, hidden payments, blockchain, and what is next.  The second session, ” Strategy Session: The platformification of banking, providing customers more choices,” covered banking-as-a-platform.

In preparation for that second topic, I wrote a piece in Finovate’s blog titled “Are We Seeing the “Platformication” of Banking?”  The description of it says:

The future [of banking] depends on the customer’s needs, says Alex Jimenez, Vice President Senior Strategist at Zions Bancorporation. Jimenez gives us a snapshot of his views on where the US banking industry is heading ahead of his session at FinovateSpring 2018 about “The platformification of banking, providing customers more choices“.

Following both sessions Finovate’s David Penn interviewed me:

My Interview with Aspire Systems on Fintech and Banking

Shekhar Singh from Aspire Systems recently interviewed me for their blog series.  He describes the discussion thus:

At a time when more than 80% of Financial Institutions believe their business is at risk according to a PWC report, disruption is uppermost in the minds of every Banking provider. Is Open Banking a boon or a bane, and would partnerships with Fintechs establish that symbiotic relationship for driving innovations? Aspire Systems caught up with a senior Fintech strategist to find out his views on the current state of Banking exploring topics such as Open API Banking, Fintech Collaboration, and Alternative Lending.

The interview is here.

My Interview with BankRelevant on the Future of Banking

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Syed Bukhari and Pari Bose from BankRelevant to discuss the future or banking and fintech.  We covered fintech-banking relationships, bank innovation, open banking, omni or opti channel, and even the voice channel.  You can read the discussion here.